Monday, 22 June 2009

Away Days

Black Hairstreaks (c) 2009 Maurice Gordon
Black Hairstreak (c) 2009 Maurice Gordon
Black Hairstreak (c) 2009 Maurice Gordon
Ruff (c) 2009 Vince Cowell
Curlew (c) 2009 Vince Cowell
Banded Demoiselle (c) 2009 Vince Cowell
Common Tern vs. Cormorant
Feral Cat
Two of the top photographers on the course have had trips away from home recently and returned with some intriguing pictures. Maurice Gordon went down to the Midlands to track down the elusive and very scarce Black Hairstreak butterflies, which are only viewable for a matter of a few days each season. Last year in birding terms he "dipped", but you can see that this June he was much more successful. Vince Cowell went to Pensthorpe made famous, or should that be infamous, by Springwatch. He was able to see a variety of birds, which just haven't featured on the programmes. Meanwhile, I remained closer to home & tried to get intimate pictures of the Far Ings Bearded Tits. There was no sign of them, so all I came away with was a Tern attacking a Cormorant & a Feral Cat which jumped out of a reedbed, and ran all the way up the path in front of me. Unfortunately, I was only able to shoot it with my camera!

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