Wednesday, 24 June 2009

It's My Tern!

Apologies for the quality of the Little Tern pics, the normal software isn't working tonight!
Little Tern
Meadow Brown
Common Blue
Common Blue [female] (c) 2009 Aileen Urquhart
Large Skipper
6-Spot Burnet Moth
Compare & contrast with
Cinnabar Moth (below)
Small Tortoiseshell
Courting couple
Yellow-Tail Moth Caterpillar
Sea Bindweed
Jellyfish (c) 2009 Aileen Urquhart
'orrible-looking Fly
Another trip to the edge of Spurn. The morning session took place in glorious sunshine, but the afternoon clouded up. One of the best sights was a Little Tern, which fished very close to the hide. There were several Bar-tailed Godwits in breeding plumage, and a few Knot, as well as many more in non-breeding plumage. There was one Brent Goose, a Little Egret, a Heron, some Linnets, and Whitethroats. This afternoon the 3rd lifer in a week turned up. It was heard only, but it was still a thrill to hear its remarkable and loud song, as it briefly rang out. Otherwise the day was remarkable for its butterflies - most species of which are shown above. The only exception was what appeared to a swift flying yellow butterfly. It was smaller than a Brimstone, but not as yellow as a Clouded Yellow, but it didn't appear to be a moth - cannot think what it was for the moment. Another trip to the supermarket tomorrow!

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