Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Gibraltar & S.Spain in April

Friday morning's Jane has recently returned from Southern Spain and Gibraltar.  The following photos give you an idea of what to see during migration time.
All photos (c) 2017 Jane Robinson
White Stork
 Male Redstart
 Melodious Warbler
Woodchat Shrike
 Black-eared Wheatear

 Tree Festooned with Black Kites
 Griffin Vulture
 Kentish Plover
 Little Tern
 Suburban Spoonbill!

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

West Yorkshire One Off Special

On Wednesday we set off on the long-planned excursion into foreign territory.  We set off in bright sunshine, which turned to hazy sunshine at Howden before darkening to full overcast conditions by the time we crossed the border.  
Black-necked Grebe
 The day started well with Stock Dove, Willow Warbler, and other more common birds around the car park.
Stock Dove
We set off and had been going less than 10 minutes before we were able to add a Swallow, Sand Martins, Linnets, a pair of Kestrels, Skylarks and Meadow Pipits.  
Record shot of Meadow Pipit
Proper Shot of Meadow Pipit (c) 2017 Maggie Bruce

We were lucky to find a pair of Black-necked Grebes very close to the path we were on.  Just after this a Swift flew around us, and we saw a common Tern.  Meanwhile we heard our first Bittern for a few years.  as we continued this became louder and louder until we were the closest we've been to a calling Bittern for more than a decade.
Black-necked Grebes (c) 2017 Maggie Bruce

Pair of Black-necked Grebe
 Great Crested Grebe (c) 2017 Maggie Bruce
Gadwall (c) 2017 Maggie Bruce
Record shot of Swift
Our journey was interspersed with many sightings of Linnets, which seemed to be nest-building.  We fond a pair of long-tailed Tits around the same habitat.  Although the sun didn't come out, it did began to feel warmer, and we were surrounded with insects.  Luckily, they didn't appear to be of the biting variety.  
Male Linnet (c) 2017 Maggie Bruce
Male Linnet [with no red]
 Male Linnet with more red
 Common Tern (c) 2017 Maggie Bruce

Common Tern
 Female Pochard (rich red brown example)
This was an experimental visit to this reserve, and we discovered that the route we took was too long for a 2.5 hour walk.  next time we will have to take a shorter circuit.  However, the participants were very impressed with both the quantity and quality of the birds seen, and they are keen for this venue to be added to the standard itinerary in the future.
Male Reed Bunting (c) 2017 Maggie Bruce
Male Reed Bunting
 Willow Warbler
 Black-headed Gull (before it dropped it)
Gosling with parasol!
Black-headed Gull (c) 2017 Maggie Bruce
Coot Chicks - Only Their Mother Could Love Them 
(c) 2017 Maggie Bruce

Sunday, 9 April 2017

4th batch of Holiday Photos

All of these photos emanate from West Yorkshire, and must of them depict birds that you expect to see in winter, but signs of spring are beginning to emerge.  Most of these photos were taken at Calder Wetlands or in that vicinity.  I've heard the dog mess isn't as bad as it was about 5 years ago, so now you don't have to watch where you put your feet!
All but the last two photos (c) 2017 Mike Woods
Female Long-tailed Duck at Calder Wetlands
 A nice collection of Goosanders 
 Immature Drake Goldeneye
 Great Crested Grebe at Calder Wetlands 
 Sand Martin over Horbury Canal
 Record Shot of Swallow over Horbury Canal
 Female Reed Bunting at Calder Wetlands
 Great Spotted Woodpecker
 Showing his Maleness
 Buzzard & Heron
 Song Thrush
Thingeys (c) 2017 Jane Robinson at Fairburn Ings
 Erm, not even a record shot of an alleged Great White Egret at Fairburn Ings