Monday, 1 March 2010

Birding from a Car

Barn Owl - without a care in the world
It's behind you
Just after the whack
Recovering its balance
Was it you?
What was it?
Had enough
Getting aloft
Settling down again
Back at rest
The light was so good today (for virtually the first time this year), so I decided to have a day off. I went off checking Little Owl sites. The first 3 were devoid of interest, even though I saw a becalmed Buzzard, and a confiding Kestrel. However, eventually I did find a pair of Little Owls in an open-fronted barn, with a hedge obscuring the view, so I tried clambering out of the car for a view without twigs. The Owls performed, if not exactly a runner, a sort of a flier instead. It was definitely a bad move, so I decided that all further pics today would be taken from the car. After lunch back at home, I decided to go on a Barn Owl Safari. I've never been happy with my Barn Owl pics, so I thought I'd have another try. I saw 3 different Barn Owls, but other motorists made taking pictures rather difficult. At last one was calmly perched on a hedge, so I took a few pictures, then went a bit closer, and was thinking of trying a bit nearer, when suddenly the unsuspecting Barn Owl was whacked on the back by a male Kestrel. I was so busy concentrating on taking pictures, I didn't see it coming and neither did the Barn Owl! The Kestrel made off, and the Barn Owl pulled itself together before deciding to hunt somewhere else! Not a bad ending to the afternoon!


animaloftheday said...

I have to ask where do you go to see barn owls? I've found a couple on the track between Hull and Hornsea but on subsequent visits I've had no luck.

Is it purely a chance thing?

Michael Flowers said...

Not really a chance thing. Often a lot better after nights of heavy rain or strong winds. If you know the Sunk island area, it's definitely worth visiting early morning or late afternoons. One particular day I saw 10 different individuals between Paull, Thorngumbald, Cherry Cobb Sands, Keyingham Marsh, Stone Creek,& Sunk Island. This winter isn't quite as good for owls as last year - probably less voles around

Good luck

Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Nice picture line you captured Michael Well done. Regards

Michael Flowers said...

Yes, the story is better than the picture quality. Unfortunately it happened when the sun went behind a cloud, so the light wasn't as strong!

kirstallcreatures said...

Great story about the Barn Owl and Kestrel, one of those great moments, best wishes. Linda