Friday, 12 March 2010

Fighting Swans & a Peregrine

Fighting Swans [at Spurn last year]
Juvenile Peregrine
Today's venue was changed because of the heavy rain forecast in the morning, and the hunt that was ready to mow us down in the afternoon. We transferred to our typical standby location were the spectacle of the morning was a pitched battle of 2 male Mute Swans over a female. The necks were intertwined for several minutes, and the birds were obviously exhausted, until one male eventually backed down. Both morning & afternoon sessions saw the juvenile Peregrine, which spooked all the waders & gulls on the reserve several times. The afternoon session were enthralled by a Stoat which tried to hunt several rabbits, who managed to evade it. Eventually, a couple of the rabbits ran out of patience and they actually chased the stoat away! There was no sign of the Green Woodpecker, but a hint of Spring was evident in the presence of 3 Ringed Plovers. The Little Ringed Plovers & the Avocets have yet to return.

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Aileen said...

There was a lone swan on our pond for a couple of days. His mate was dead on a nearby pond. Maybe he is one of the ones you saw fighting.