Thursday, 18 March 2010

Thin on the Ground

Red Kite (c) 2010 Maurice Gordon
Today's final Thursday session for the winter term was the first visit of the year to a location on the Yorkshire Wolds. It was quite a long walk down into the vale, but the morning session did see Marsh, Long-tailed, Great & Blue Tits during the walk. Eventually 3 Buzzards were seen, and 2 Red Kites. To complete the list of raptors we had a male Kestrel, and a very distant raptor species, which it is safer to log as a Sparrowhawk. We probably saw less than 25 species today, and the Grey Wagtails which used to be present at this site, have probably been forced to move, because of habitat destruction. Rather surprisingly, there were no laughing Green, and no drumming Great Spotted Woodpeckers. There were 14 Fieldfare, some of which seemed to be trying to sing, and at least 3 singing Goldcrests, but overall the birdlife was rather thin. The Marsh Marigolds in flower in a very sheltered area, and the emerging Cuckoo Pint & Dogs Mercury were all sign that the long delayed Spring is actually just around the corner. I need to find a bowl in which to dunk my throbbing big toes.

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