Thursday, 11 March 2010

Where Have all the Unusual Birds Gone?

Jay (c) 2010 Phil Hargreaves
Buzzard (c) 2010 Phil Hargreaves
Green Woodpecker (c) 2010 Phil Hargreaves
Treecreeper (c) 2010 Jackie Dawson
Fallow Deer (c) 2010 Jackie Dawson
Our 3rd visit in search of Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers & Little Owls this term - from that point of view it was a failure. It is now looking possible that neither of these 2 species are still present at this site. It also seems as though the local Nuthatch population may have crashed, as there were none of these either today. Last year we saw these every time we were there, but this was the 2nd time this year we had failed to either see or even hear a single specimen. The Great Spotted & Green Woodpeckers were also less active than last week, as were most of the songbirds - it seems the lack of sun is the morning was largely to blame for the relative silence. The best birds were the Jays, Buzzards & Treecreepers.


Blackbird said...

That's an odd-looking Green Woodpecker in your second photo! ;-)

Michael Flowers said...

That's what happens when you're rushing! Thanks