Sunday, 26 October 2014

Friday Treats

On Friday RSPB Blacktoft Sands came into its own.  It's just a shame Pat & June weren't there, as they've never visited Blacktoft without a feeling of disappointment.  Marshland was rather quiet, but after a tip-off on the Blacktoft Blog by Reserve Manager Pete Short we went to Ousefleet Hide.  At the screen we heard the incredibly loud song of the always impossible-to-see Cetti's Warbler, and also the many 'pings' of Bearded Tits.  The Cetti's Warbler came closer and closer until we caught sight of a very dark tail among the reeds.  Meanwhile the Bearded Tits were also moving towards our vantage point.  Both species were now visible at the same time.  We were then presented with a dilemma, at which one to direct our binoculars!  Of course close views of Bearded Tits are delightful, but similar views of a Cetti's Warbler, is virtually unknown on the course.  Luckily, they stayed long enough for everyone to enjoy good views of both.  Unfortunately, neither species was at the screen in the afternoon, but we did find a Cetti's Warbler with possibly its partner near the unmanned Reception Hide.  Again the afternoon crowd were rewarded with great if slightly briefer views.  Other highlights included our longest nearest view of a hunting Merlin and 3 Whooper Swans flying over.
Cetti's Warbler
 Cetti's Warbler & Bearded Tit
 Bearded Tits
 Bearded Tits Tower
 Doing the Splits
 Record Shot of Distant Merlin
 Male Great Spotted Woodpecker
 Spotted Redshank
 Whooper Swan
On Thursday I left my camera at home, so the very quiet day with the confiding Goldcrest cannot be seen.  On Wednesday we were at Tophill Low, but the Water Voles had disappeared, and the 2 Kingfishers were at the distant Hempholme Meadows, and not at North Marsh.  The Whooper Swan was nice on D Reservoir, but concern was mooted for the Hedgehog around O reservoir.  
 Whooper Swan
 Kingfisher at Hempholme Meadows
 Male Great Spotted Woodpecker in THL Car Park
On Tuesday the wind was so ferocious the only option was to go underground at the Humber Bridge Country Park.  Luckily, some Goldcrests, two Treecreepers, and a female Bullfinch saved the day, until a very confiding female Great Spotted Woodpecker landed just above our heads, and stayed there for at least 10 minutes.  
Female GSW at Humber Bridge CP

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Please Help Save Spurn From Invasive Caravans

Sandy Beach Caravan Site - should it really extend over 2 more fields into Kilnsea?
Please help Spurn oppose the planning application to expand Sandy Beaches Caravan site at Kilnsea by liking the Facebook page and signing the e-petition here
 This will only take a short moment of your time and they would be very grateful.   Please pass this on to your friends, many thanks

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Coastal & Estuarine Birds

Wednesday was spent on the coast.  There were Oystercatchers in the car park.  We shared cars to a nearby reserve, where we saw a new bird for the classes: a Grey Phalarope.  After checking for other birds we went back to the cliffs.  Here, a Redstart was the most unexpected bird.
 Grey Phalarope
 Grey Partridges
 Birds about to be Ringed
 Checking the Marks on a Goldfinch wing
 Joan Releasing a Goldcrest
 Different Sizes of Rings
 Checking the Fat on a Robin
 Song Thrush
 Female Brambling
 Record Shot of a Redstart
On Thursday we caught up with last week's postponed location, which we visited again on Friday.  The Bearded Tits are getting harder to find, especially in Friday's breezy conditions.    
Female Bearded Tits
 Male Bearded Tit
 A Pair of Bearded Tits
 Bearded Tits
 Black-tailed Godwit
A  Golden Plover among Lapwing
 Reed Bunting
 Immature Female Peregrine
 Water Rail
 Ruff in Flight
 Small Copper