Sunday, 19 October 2014

Coastal & Estuarine Birds

Wednesday was spent on the coast.  There were Oystercatchers in the car park.  We shared cars to a nearby reserve, where we saw a new bird for the classes: a Grey Phalarope.  After checking for other birds we went back to the cliffs.  Here, a Redstart was the most unexpected bird.
 Grey Phalarope
 Grey Partridges
 Birds about to be Ringed
 Checking the Marks on a Goldfinch wing
 Joan Releasing a Goldcrest
 Different Sizes of Rings
 Checking the Fat on a Robin
 Song Thrush
 Female Brambling
 Record Shot of a Redstart
On Thursday we caught up with last week's postponed location, which we visited again on Friday.  The Bearded Tits are getting harder to find, especially in Friday's breezy conditions.    
Female Bearded Tits
 Male Bearded Tit
 A Pair of Bearded Tits
 Bearded Tits
 Black-tailed Godwit
A  Golden Plover among Lapwing
 Reed Bunting
 Immature Female Peregrine
 Water Rail
 Ruff in Flight
 Small Copper

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