Sunday, 24 May 2015

Walking Like an Egyptian

On Friday we made our last trip of the year to MSQ.  It was the only warm visit and there'd been a mass emergence of damselflies.  The Egyptian Geese showed better than they ever had before, and rather surprisingly there was a drake Pintail.  The Goldcrests, Barn Owl and immature Long-tailed Tit are from last week's visit.   However, the non-consensual mating of Mute Swans was probably the most dramatic sight.  
Egyptian Geese
 Immature Long-tailed Tit
Drake Shelduck
 Shelduck vs. Shoveler
 Pintail vs. Unspeakable
  Drake Pintail
 Barn Owl
 Mute Swan 'Courtship'

 Froghopper (Cercopis vulnerata) [ID Barry Warrington]
 Cinnabar Moth
On Thursday we made our final visit to Burstwick.  The bird of the day was the Cuckoo, but this wasn't caught on film.  A Second pair of  grebes are starting to nest on the other lake.  
Great Crested Grebe
 Great Crested Grebe
 Moorhen Nest & Eggs
On Wednesday we made our only trip of the year to Noddle Hill.  Like many other places this term it was colder than in previous years, and the wildlife wasn't as interesting as we'd experienced in the past. 
Meadow Pipit
 Record Shot of Reed Warbler
 Buck Roe Deer
These MSQ insect pictures should haver featured higher up the page: 
Carrion Beetle Covered in Mites (ID Africa Gomez)
 From Nymph to Damselfly
 Damselfly Drying out on Carolyn
 Mating Blue-tailed Damselflies
 Azure Damselfly