Friday, 28 October 2016

Filey Catch-Up

After last Friday's Filey's pictures were posted some more arrived from 2 different sources.  It's been a busy week with lots of Bearded Tit and Hen Harrier photos to process, so these have taken longer than usual to add.  Better late than never!
All photos (c) 2016 Mike Woods unless stated otherwise
Snow Bunting
 Immature Male Blackcap
 Ditto - note brown flecking in centre of cap
 Being Released
 All remaining Photos(c) 2016 Pat Taylor
 Tree Sparrow

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Becalmed by Beardies

Tuesday was extremely calm, so I risked a visit across the Humber. The first half hour was extremely quiet, so it looked as though the Bearded Tit activity was over for a year.  However after 30 minutes the strong sun came over the hillside, and suddenly the reedbed was alive with birds.  This time we walked beyond the hide and were rewarded with amazingly close views of a party of about eight birds, who performed in the reeds, in a leafless hawthorn, and in the skeleton of an umbellifer.   
Male Bearded Tit
 A party of Beardies
 Male Bearded Tit
 Trio of Males
 One female and 5 males
 A plethora
 In the Umbellifer
 Portrait of a male
 Flying Female
 Another Male
 Black-tailed Godwits among Teal
 Snipe Among Teal
 Immature Water Rail (c) 2016 Ben Coneyworth
 Gossamer on Grass
The following day we went to Spurn, but missed all the exciting birds of the day before.  
Moulting Pintail from a Fortnight ago
 Brent Geese
 Weasel through Windscreen

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Wintering Hen Harriers

During the last 2 afternoons this week I accidentally found 2 ringtail Hen Harriers hunting over a large set-aside area.  I was able to use my car as a hide to photograph these beautiful and graceful birds.  A local photographer must have already been aware of them as he'd set up a temporary hide in the field, and had probably obtained much better photographs than myself.  One of the Hen Harriers appeared to have much more gingery plumage than the other.  At one time yesterday they were joined by a male and female Marsh Harrier, which made the Hen Harriers more vocal while they were around.  

We are due to be visiting this location during my classes in the next few weeks, so hopefully my 'students' will also get to see these birds too.
Hen Harrier

 Ancient & Modern
 The Threatened & the Supported
 Showing the white rump

 A series showing the Hen Harrier Calling when the Marsh Harriers were around

 2 Harrier Species

 Male Marsh Harrier (top) & Hen Harrier
 Cream-crown Marsh Harrier

 Today's Hen Harriers


 3 Hen Harriers taken by Ben Coneyworth (17)

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 Hovering before the kill