Monday, 10 October 2016

Kilnsea: The Late Edition

I should really stop saying we went to Spurn on these posts, as now access to Spurn Point is rather difficult, we get no further south than Kilnsea.  Mike & Glenys Woods stayed on after the Friday afternoon class dispersed.  They must have visited Easington, as the Red-flanked Bluetail looks as though it may have been taken in Easington Cemetery.  Some of the other pictures were taken at Canal Scrape, and Sammy's Point.
All photos (c) 2016 Mike Woods 
Record Shot of red-flanked Bluetail
 Jack Snipe
 Water Rail 
 Water Rail (with fish)
 Water Rail being chased by Immature Moorhen
 Meadow Pipit
 Record shot of Ring Ouzel
Immature Goldfinch

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wilgils said...

As a resident of Kilnsea I appreciate that. Some locals get fed up of hearing Spurn used when people never stepped further than our village. I know Rob Stoneman, CEO of YWT, said a new Visitor Centre would give Kilnsea a 'reason to exist' but it was recorded in Domesday and has a proud history of its own! Thanks Michael for your sensitivity