Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Panama Wildlife in June

Earlier this month the Ossett couple missed a couple of classes because they were on holiday in Panama.  Today, they sent some photos they took during this vacation.  I've shown the birds first followed by the mammals with one amphibian to break it up.
Here's a summary in their own words:   
We were in the Darien area of Panama and stayed at Canopy Camp and had three nights in the Canopy Tower (former US Radar surveillance). The Canopy was over the tree line in the rainforest and the top looked to all intents and purposes like a Fylingdales Golfball. We saw & recorded as a group 239 bird species during our nine days. The highlights included seeing the Harpy Eagle (a six month chick virtually adult size) and a very rare Crested Eagle chick five months old. Please note all the names ascribed to the wildlife was supplied by the photographer, and I trust all the attributions are correct.
All photos (c) 2019 Mike Woods
Harpy Eagle
 Crested Eagle
 Gold-Collared Manakin
 Blue-Crowned Manakin
 Collared Aricari
 Keel-Billed Toucan
 Chestnut-headed Oropandola
 Smooth-billed Ani
 White-Whiskered Puffbird
Red-Crown Woodpecker 
 Red-lored Parrot
 White-tailed Kite
 Black-collared Hawk
 Crane Hawk
 Collared Forest Falcon
Roadside Hawk 
Black-tailed Trogon 
 Black-throated Trogon
 Blue Grey Tanager
 Black-bellied Whistling Duck
 Purple Gallinule
 Rufous-tailed Hummingbird
 Female Sapphire-throated Hummingbird
 Female Amazon Kingfisher
 Rufous Nightjar & Chicks
 White-throated Crake
 Cinnamon Woodpecker
 Crimson Crested Woodpecker
 White-necked Jacobin
 Greater White-Lined Bat
 Common Tent-Making Bat
 White-nosed Coati
 Geoffroy's Tamerin
 Howler Monkey
 Northern Tamandua
 Poisonous Tree frog
Rothschild Porcupine 
 Tree Monkey
 Canopy Tower