Thursday, 25 March 2010

Trying out Tophill

Walking on Water
Linnet - male - singing, but v.drab
Little Grebe
I thought I'd try out Tophill today, in the hope a migrant or two may have been forced down by the overnight rain. No such luck! 3 Chiffchaffs were singing around the reserve, but that was virtually the only sign of spring. Another were the copulating Pochard on North Marsh, but I couldn't see the Bittern, and the Kingfishers were absent. On the bright side, the Willow Tit was on the feeders in D Woods. The Visitor Centre was closed, so it wasn't possible to watch any birds at the feeding station, but I expect the 3 Woodcock & 4 Bramblings were still present! There were more Pochard, and some Tufted Duck on South Lagoon, plus a very obliging Wren, and a pair of Little Grebe. There were plenty of species on SME, but nothing really out-of-the-ordinary. However, there was a singing Linnet and his mate between the back-to-back hides, which was slightly unexpected. Unfortunately, it was nearly as dull as those which frequent Allerthorpe Common. Hunger pangs meant I had to forgo the trip to Watton Borrow pits & return to the car park. The friday sessions should be taking place tomorrow, so I'd better try & catch up with the forecast!


Blackbird said...

Quality pics today! I am most impressed by the first wren!

Michael Flowers said...

Thanks, Something brown plopped down right in front of the hide. Checked out of the window to make sure it wasn't a leaf, but luckily, it was a Wren. Stayed there for a few seconds, but very difficult to photograph, as it didn't want to remain still for long!