Monday, 15 March 2010

Waxing Lyrical



There are some birds that you never tire of seeing again & again, and the Waxwing is one of these. These charismatic visitors were in really large flocks of nearly 100 this time last year, but there are much fewer about this winter. The largest reliable local flock seem to be the 14 birds currently thrilling the crowds in Cottingham. They were quite flighty and disappeared when a lumbering waste disposal van appeared, and when various lorries trundled past their favourite bush. There were plenty of berries, and only 14 Waxwings to scoff them, so they may be round for the rest of this week. Unfortunately, the light was pretty dire when I was there, so the above pics are the best of a bad bunch. It was great to see them though, and to meet up with local photographer Dave Tucker, oh, and Maurice was there too. See his blog for better versions of the same birds!


James said...

Completely failed to get away from work in my lunch hour. Was sat drooling over your shots as i played with my spreadsheets. Hopefully tomorrow before work.

Michael Flowers said...

I didn't really expect to see any this winter, so it was great to connect with them. I think Dave said they were there at 6.30, so hopefully they will be there when you go. Unfortunately, I'll be probably not seeing much at Blacktoft!
Good luck

York Heating Engineers said...

I would have loved to see a waxwing myself, my friend managed to get a photo of one and they are stunning birds. You’re photos are so beautiful.