Friday, 19 June 2009

What a Honey!

Honey Buzzard (c) 2009 Vince Cowell
Little Tern (c) 2009 Vince Cowell
Juvenile Heron
Drinker Moth
Common Blues (c) 2009 Vince Cowell
Swallow (juvenile)
Little Egret (c) 2009 Vince Cowell
Oystercatcher (c) 2009 Vince Cowell
Ringed Plover (c) 2009 Vince Cowell
Common Lizard - pregnant female?
Common Lizard (with tic?) (c) 2009 David Ware
The morning crew pluckily battled with strong winds & distant views of Bar-tailed Godwits, Knot, Dunlin, and several species of butterfly on the walk from the Blue Bell car park to Beacon Ponds. We had closer views of Little & Sandwich Terns, Swallows, House Martins, Swifts, and Herons but it was a wind-blown and probably a slightly dejected group who straggled back to the Blue Bell car park. Suddenly the radio crackled into life with a report of a Honey Buzzard over the camp site. We debated if this was the caravan site just behind us or the camp site nearer Kew Villa, and decided it was the latter. Seconds later we were disabused of our supposition when an absolutely beautiful raptor flew low over our heads as it struggled against the wind heading south. It was a "lifer" for me, and most class members. I was thinking of travelling to a raptor viewpoint to see them soon, but I'm sure you rarely get a view there like we had today. In the afternoon the wind had died slightly and we avoided the rain by staying in the hide at Beacon Ponds. More Bar-tailed Godwits flew in, and several Red Knots, but nothing could compare with that Honey Buzzard. Should be a good time to recruit for next term after that!

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