Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Seeing Thro' the Mist

Little Tern
Sandwich Terns (c) 2009 Phil Hargreaves
Sandwich & Common Tern (left) (c) 2009 Phil Hargreaves
Ringlet (c) 2009 Maurice Gordon
6-Spot Burnet Moth (c) 2009 Chris Cox
6-Spot Burnet Moth (c) 2009 Phil Hargreaves
Cockchafer (c) 2009 Chris Cox
Immature male Black-tailed Skimmer (c) 2009 Phil Hargreaves
[ID thanks to Paul Ashton]
Meadow Brown (c) 2009 Phil Hargreaves
Anyone who stayed inland today, probably won't believe me when I say, the weather was pretty poor. The mist remained on the coast all day, and did permeate a few feet inland most of the time. However, it was possible to discern through the gloom the bright colours of the Knot and Dunlin on Beacon Ponds. The Little Terns did great displays in and out of the mist, whilst several Sandwich Terns flew past making their "amalgum-twisting-in-your-tooth" noise. There were a good number of insects on display despite the mist. In fact they were probably easier to see in the lower temperatures. I'm sure they would have been more active in bright sunshine. Overall, a good day despite the weather! Something I could have said most days last winter & earlier this spring too!

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