Monday, 1 June 2009

On the Trail of Passerine Perfection?

In the shadows - doesn't look anything special Back view - still nowt to squawk about!
Head turned - a little better
Female - rather a drab bird
Record shot of female
Over the shoulder shot - a little belter!
On the way to feed the offspring
What a fantastic bird!
Coming for a closer look!
Dingy Skipper
Dingy Skipper - a 'worn' example
Dingy Skipper at rest - unusual shape
After coming across 2 distant singing male Redstarts at an East Yorkshire site on Friday, I thought I'd see if another EY location had a more accommodating pair. Redstarts were in the general area in the early 80's, but after periods of study & driving unreliable cars, I hadn't checked them out for some time. However, we found them again in July 2007 during a Butterfly Special class when they were feeding their fledglings; and there was a pair early in the season last year, but I hadn't tried in early June before. I arrived at 8 am to find a male busy gathering large insects for his hungry brood, and a more elusive female. He carried on unconcerned, and acted as if I wasn't there. They were the best views of Redstarts I've ever had, but it was also obvious where the nest was concealed. I hope no predator tracks it down. I could have spent longer there, but didn't want to gatecrash the Redstart's life too much after a privileged insight into their routine. A very memorable experience & I hope they successfully raise a full clutch.


East Yorkshire Wildlife said...

Wow! fantastic shots Michael they are a magnificent bird and your photo's really do them justice.

Michael Flowers said...

Thanks Martin,

I was lucky to find a very confiding male, busily collecting insects for his growing family.