Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Wednesday Spring 6 - Skipwith Common

Tree Pipit (c) 2008 Maurice Gordon
Record shot of Tree Pipit Parachuting
Spotted Flycatcher

Spotted Flycatcher (c) 2008 Maurice Gordon
Hobby (c) 2008 Maurice Gordon
Cuckoo (c) 2008 Maurice Gordon
Four-Spotted Chaser (c) 2008 Maurice Gordon
Tiger Beetle (c) Maurice Gordon
Roe (buck)

Oak Apple Gall
Displaying Willow Warbler (c) 2008 Maurice Gordon

The Tree Pipit was the star performer today, followed by a Spotted Flycatcher. A Cuckoo appeared briefly in the afternoon. We looked for Hobbies without luck, but here's one photographed yesterday at Thorne Moors. If you only click on one pic for a larger version, please make it the Four-Spotted Chaser or the Tiger Beetle - you won't be disapppointed! No sign of a Lesser-Spotted Woodpecker this time!

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