Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Wednesday Spring 5 - Howden Marsh

Large Red Damselfly (c) 2008 Maurice Gordon
Female Azure Damselfly (c) 2008 Maurice Gordon
Reed Warbler (c) 2008 Maurice Gordon
Large Red Damselfly
Four-Spotted Chaser
Male Azure Damselfly
Female Azure Damselfly
Female Azure Damselfly
A new location for the classes today, and one which was enjoyed by morning participants for allowing us to pick out the song of Garden Warbler, though a decent sighting eluded us. We had a confiding Treecreeper in the morning & Willow Tits are present. The site was at its best for butterflies, and in the afternoon for damselflies - and a solitary Dragonfly species - pics above. Paul Ashton of the East Riding Dragonfly website ( has kindly identified the unusual blue species as Azure Damselflies, which I've never previously encountered.

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