Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Tuesday Spring 6 - Chalky Valley


Record shot of the whole bird!
Dingy Skipper
Spotted Flycatcher
Swallow (male)
Unidentified Moth
Unidentified Egg
The star bird for views today was the Redstart. We saw a pair, but only the male was close enough for pictures. A Goshawk flew close to us this afternoon - what a moment for my camera to go on the blink! We also saw a pair of Flycatchers in the nature reserve, but they disappeared when the sun went in. The same thing happened with the Dingy Skippers this morning. They were very active when the sun shone, but became very hard to find when the clouds moved in. It was great to get reasonable views of this declining species. Although cooler than when we came a fortnight ago, the bird life was more interesting, so I won't visit earlier than mid-May in future! If I am able to identify the egg (Red-legged Partridge?) or moth I will alter the captions above the photographs!

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