Monday, 12 May 2008

Spurn in the Mist

Windswept Wagtail (Yellow) [Sammy's Point]

Lesser Whitethroat
Heron [Patrington Haven]
Record shot of Cuckoo [Patrington Haven]
Shelduck (male)
Sand Martin
Swallow [Stone Creek]
Roe Deer (hind) [Saltend]
Roe Deer (Buck) [Tip of Spurn]
Fledgling Rook [Sunk Island]
Holly Blue [garden]
Holly Blue [garden]
Anyone who has been basking in another glorious sunny day inland, may be surprised to learn it was very cold at Spurn this morning with a sharp northerly breeze and a sea mist. I gave up at 10.45, and had a leisurely journey back taking in Sammy's Point, Patrington Haven, Sunk Island, Stone Creek & Paull Holme Strays. The best pics were taken from the latter locations where the sun was out!

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