Friday, 9 May 2008

Friday Spring 4 - Nutwood, Raywell

Fresh Beech leaves - perfection!
Kestrel (female)

House Martin
Marsh Tit - hovering for insects!
Marsh Tit

Yellowhammer (male)
Yellowhammer (female)
Small Tortoiseshell
Great Tit

Our final visit to this location this year didn't disappoint. The Kestrel inside the woodland was a surprise, as was the hovering Marsh Tit collecting insects for its young brood. If it stays dry this summer the young may actually be able to fledge - many drowned in their nests last year! The Goldcrest obliged again, but the light was better last Thursday, so to see better pictures of the same bird please scroll down to May the 1st! The only disappointment was the lack of a Garden Warbler, which has arrived at some venues near water, but there was no sign of one here yet.

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