Friday, 2 May 2008

Friday Spring 3 - Eastrington Ponds

Willow Warbler
Song Thrush
Record shot of Blackcap (female)
Record shot of Bullfinch (male)
3 different stages of fungi of Morel family
Morchella semilibera

No really stunning birds today, although the Green Woodpecker in the afternoon was very vocal, but gave fairly distant views. A total of 4 Orange-tip butterflies were seen (1st of the year), as well as 3 Speckled Woods and 3 Small Whites. We also had our 1st damselfly: a Large Red. One of the most interesting finds was the strange toadstool pictured above. It is a member of the Morel family. Michael Jordan's book says it is found "typically amongst mosses or other vegetation, frequently close to hawthorn", which fits our sighting. He notes it is edible, but poor, whilst Roger Phillips says it is edible, but "not worthwhile". I think we'll give it a miss then! All books agree it is not a commonly found fungi. It is the first one any of the group had seen growing in the wild!

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