Wednesday, 28 May 2008

One Off Special 2

Record shots of Cuckoos

Cuckoo (female)
Record shot of Linnet (male)

Star of Bethlehem
They seek him here, they seek him there...
There were at least 3 Cuckoos at this location and possibly four, including one female of the rufous brown form. Unfortunately, no pics were taken of this individual. There were also at least 3 purring Turtle Doves. Dave Stevenson identified a Barn Owl hunting over the fields nearby while he was having his lunch, and a Kingfisher was disturbed when it tried to travel between the 2 lakes. This seems an excellent location for Cuckoos, so an early morning visit would probably prove to be very worthwhile. In the 2 days spent at this location we have so far recorded 52 bird species - a very respectable total. Another venue worth adding to next spring's schedule.

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