Friday, 3 June 2011

Overexposed Owls

Yesterday, I travelled to Robert Fuller's galleries to sort out a few questions arising from his forthcoming exhibition & wildlife events. He was so busy preparing for the exhibition he asked me to search for his Tawny Owls. I managed to locate 3 young birds on the same branch, but couldn't see the adult birds. 2 of these were covered in down, but one of the others almost looked like an adult, and only a few wisps of fluff betrayed that it was a youngster! These images are overexposed, and these birds are due to be even more exposed once the owl safaris start in a couple of weeks - all these events are sold out! There were 3, possibly 4 Redstarts singing in the area, and several Yellowhammers, and a Meadow Pipit, but there wasn't a lot of other birds to see. However, I did manage to spot a Little Owl as I set off for home.

Tawny Owl




Small Heath

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