Monday, 27 June 2011

Almost Routine, but what a Routine!

The Owl Safaris are now settling into a routine, and usually take this format:

1. A walk in search of the Tawny Owls roosting in daylight - 2 adults & 4 Chicks

2. On the way look for Yellowhammers, Linnets, Great Spotted Woodpecker etc

3. Try & find the Little Owls - some visits more successful than others

4. Share cars to admire the amazing Southern Marsh, Common Spotted & Pyramidal Orchids, plus Goatsbeard etc with plenty of 6-Spot Burnet Moths.

5. Share cars & sit & wait near a Badger Sett.

6. Return to the gallery to watch Tawny Owls feeding their chicks.

Saturday followed this routine accurately, but last night's visit was put out of a kilter a little by Robert's gearbox breaking on his Discovery, so we missed the Badgers leave the Sett, but saw a sow & 2 cubs returning just after 9.30. Then for the 1st time the Tawny Owl chicks didn't come down to be fed before the party broke up at 11pm. It is thought that the heat may have affected the birds' appetite!

Tawny Owl - female

Tawny Owl Immature
Backsides of 2 Tawny Owl Chicks

Little Owl

Badger (c) 2011 John Sadler

6-Spot Burnet-Moths on Southern Marsh Orchid

Burnet-Moth on S.M Orchid

Southern Marsh Orchid

Pyramidal Orchid

Common Spotted Orchid

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