Wednesday, 8 June 2011

New Tuesday Venue

The Tuesday group went to a new venue, and the am group especially were very happy with the results. On leaving the cars we heard a male Cuckoo immediately, which was soon joined by several Whitethroats, a Yellowhammer and a Sedge Warbler. We saw at least 3 different Marsh Harriers, and several Stock Doves. One Stock Dove flew out of the specially designed Barn Owl box, so it seems as though the bad winter weather has had an effect even here. A Little Grebe, Tufted Ducks and some Shelduck were on the water, but there was no sign of a Kingfisher. A female Cuckoo dropped in, and several people enjoyed excellent views. There were quite a few Small Heath butterflies, as well as plenty of Common Blues. A Little Egret was spotted in the am, but there was no sign in the pm. Other classes have heard Turtle Doves at this location, but there was no sign of them this time. I hope they haven't died out at this location. However, the highlight of the morning were the sightings of at least 7 male Yellow Wagtails. There were fewer to see in the afternoon, but luckily one stunning male perched long enough for everyone to get a very good view. A family of Whitethroats were spotted after lunch, but otherwise the birds were less obvious than in the am. On the mammal side a few Hares and a Rabbit were seen - unfortunately the young deer we once saw here, were nowhere to be seen. It was a very popular walk, so it looks as though we will be returning.

Yellow Wagtail (c) 2011 David Tasker Yellow Wagtail

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