Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The One & Only

Yesterday was our one and only visit to this venue this year. It proved so popular some of the other classes will be visiting it next year. The Common Terns had 3 chicks and their feeding antic were a big drawn. There was also a lonely Great Crested Grebe, so it looks as though the guaranteed pair at this location were probably separated by the cold winter weather. There were plenty of warblers singing: Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler, Blackcap, Common & Lesser Whitethroat, but only the first 2 species were easy to see. There is a new meadow area now open to walkers, and this is where we saw the various species of butterfly. This location should be even more interesting in late April and throughout May from the point of view of birds to be seen.

Common Tern (c) 2011 Chris Cox

Common Tern (c) 2011 Chris Cox
Common Tern

Cinnabar Moth




Willow Tit


Immature Moorhen

Mallard Speculum


Large Red Damselfly [above]

Ringlet [below]

Pregnant Wood Mouse?

Large Skipper (c) Phil Hargreaves

Large Skipper (c) 2011 Phil Hargreaves

Small Heath (c) 2011 Phil Hargreaves

Meadow Brown


Speckled Wood

Common Spotted Orchid

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