Monday, 13 June 2011

Gallery Walk

Great Spotted Woodpecker

Yesterday afternoon was when the first Migrant walk in association with the Robert Fuller Gallery was due to take place, but the weather forecast was awful. Rather than drive 5 miles to a venue with the risk of pouring rain we stayed close to the gallery instead. Luckily, Robert had located several of his roosting Tawny Owls, so the group were able to see at least 2 chicks and two of theadults. These were 'lifers' for some of the participants. It drizzled throughout the whole course of this session, but as we walked down towards the Wolds Way we saw a Curlew and a Buzzard fly over, and one participant observed a Great Spotted Woodpecker, and everyone else was able to watch it before it flew away. We heard a Redstart's alarm call near the Little Owl nest, but both birds remained out of sight. A walk along a small section of the Wolds Way failed to add any new birds, but we did see another Yellowhammer, and heard a 'puffing' Red-legged Partridge. We retuned the way we came & saw the owls again before the rain strengthened & the afternoon was curtailed. Most participants sought shelter and refreshments in the gallery before heading home. My camera remained in the car because of the rain, so all these pictures are from the archive.

Tawny Chick

Adult Tawny Owl


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