Friday, 13 March 2009

Raptor Rapture

Red Kite (c) 2009 Marcus Conway
What a dump to work in! (c) 2009 Vince Cowell
Long-tailed Tit (c) 2009 Vince Cowell
Treecreeper (c) 2009 Jackie Dawson
Treecreeper (c) 2009 Jackie Dawson
Alder Catkins (c) 2009 Vince Cowell

The Day started well with a large falcon attacking pigeons & then landing on a bright yellow perch (see 17th Feb post). Seems it may be in the area quite a lot! Then off to today's location. The morning was a bit still, which didn't augre well for the large raptors. However, we had 4 Buzzards in the morning plus Kestrel, Marsh Tit, Bullfinches (heard), a Mistle Thrush, plenty of Song Thrushes, 2 different laughing Yaffles, and a calling Tawny Owl. The afternoon was cloudier, windier and cooler, but we saw 3 Red Kites in the sky at the same time, plus a group of nearly 10 Siskins (first time at this location) and a confiding Treecreeper. We also spotted a Sparrowhawk, but nothing really unusual. This site was starting to become more alive after last week's very poor showing - spring is coming and the relentless shooting season is over!


James said...

Where were you today? Looks like a place I visited mid afternoon.

Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Sounds a good day Michael.
Nice set of pictures.

Michael Flowers said...

Sorry, I've been asked not to mention the name of this site on a public blog. Mike, although the pics are excellent, I had to borrow one of Marcus's from West Yorks to do justice to yesterday's kites. The Long-tailed Tit was taken yesterday after leaving the site & the Treecreepers were taken on our trip to Normanby Hall the other week, but were sent thro' too late to include on that particular day. We did actually see all the things depicted yesterday! Hope to include mainly pics taken on the same day of the visit in future!
Cheers, Michael