Friday, 6 March 2009

Gone to Pot!

All pics on this post (c) 2009 Vince Cowell
Willow Tit
Reed Bunting
Birch Polypore

Another really fine day. I think that makes 3 on the trot - must be the first time for a couple of years! The best sighting was accomplished by Morag & Philip who arrived early for their afternoon session & had a look in Low Ellers. They were rewarded with not one, but 2 Bitterns. One visible clearly for 5 minutes as it walked round the edge of the reeds; whilst the other was partially visible in the reeds. No Bitterns were seen during the duration of the actual classes. I've never had only one person turn up to a session before, but that milestone was achieved this morning. However, we had excellent views of a singing Willow Tit fairly close to Sedum House. The wildfowl looked marvellous in the sunlight from Piper Marsh; where a male Kingfisher seemed to be excavating a nest hole. The Siskin flocks appeared to have dispersed, and we found scattered individuals instead - one seemed to have took up with a Short-tailed Tit - maybe it has an identity crisis! There was a singing Treecreeper in the woodland near Piper Marsh & we saw a Green Woodpecker in there too. Passing the same way this afternoon I spotted a Long-tailed Tit about a quarter of the way through building a nest, so will check up next week to see how far it has got! The Kingfisher was harder to spot in the afternoon, but eventually left a nest-chamber, landed on the very artificial twig left for it, before flying past the hide for everyone to gawp at! Piper Marsh was also the site where we had displaying Pochard in the afternoon - something I've never managed to see before, so I think it was fair to say, this was also new to the group!


Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Sounds a good trip, pity you only had one attendee.
Grat pics by Vince.

Michael Flowers said...

Thanks Mike,
Yes, Vince's pics are excellent. I have 13 booked on Friday mornings after Easter, so shouldn't happen again - unless they all have a holiday at the same time!