Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Quality, Not Quantity

Red Kite (c) 2009 Marcus Conway
Red Kite (c) 2009 Tony Robinson
Marsh Tit (c) 2009 Tony Robinson
Marsh Marigold (c) 2009 Michael Flowers

At times today it felt that all birdlife had been exterminated! There were whole swathes of the hedgerows without a single bird to see, or even to hear! This should be an excellent time of year to hear early songsters, but there were very few here. However, we had some good views of Red Kites & 3 Buzzards in both the morning & afternoon. We also managed to get very close to a wild Marsh Tit! Too often these days the best views of these are around some bird tables on nature reserves, but at least we saw this one in a hedgerow in the middle of nowhere. The Marsh Marigolds were a very welcome sign of spring in the midst of a stream. The weather was also far better than forecast.

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James said...

Got the delivery - very grateful. Watched the film already and its a cracking piece of natural history cinema. Will return it soon. Cheers