Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Not for the Squeamish!

Words & pics for this post (c) 2009 Maurice Gordon
Sparrowhawk & victim
The intensity of the kill roughly increases as the pics continue

These pictures may not be to everyone's taste, but they do illustrate the effectiveness of a female Sparrowhawk with her prey. What follows are Maurice's own words describing his experience: Bit grizzly this, but what a great photo opp! I was driving back from the gym today and came a slightly long way back as was listening to the radio. Saw this scuffle by the side of the road and slowed down to look. Sparrowhawk wasn't bothered by the car at all so I dashed home to get the camera. I was back within a couple of mins and fortunately the bird was still there and the car was a perfect hide. Luckily there were no pedestrians around to frighten it off. Finally a gormless youth walked right up to it and frightened it off, but not before I had rattled off over 150 RAW files and practically run the batteries flat. The pigeon is basically being eaten alive and I think it was still more or less still alive when the Sparrowhawk was scared off. I thought she would come straight back as this was such a big meal but she didn't. I've got more photos than I can cope with at the moment so here's some highlights.


hockeyboy150 said...

what a photo opp, well taken.

Marcus Conway - ebirder said...

Stunning set of shots. Well done to keep your composure Maurice. I bet your heart was racing!

Anonymous said...

Superb Mate