Monday, 2 March 2009

Lulu Puts on a Show

Lulu Silhouette
Willow Tit
Willow Tit
Great to hear Lulu singing for the first time this year this morning - only one though, but it is fairly early in the season. The Willow Tit also put on a great performance with its rather lacklustre song standing out in an area where nothing else was singing. A couple of Yellowhammers were also singing nearby, while Great Spotted Woodpeckers were getting jiggy & its cousin was laughing away. Also saw my first Coltsfoot of the Spring. A very nice morning before the weather is supposed to change for the worse again...


Aileen said...

Michael, do you think yo ought to explain Lulu's name? And who she is? Just a thought. Not telling my grandfather how to suck eggs!

Michael Flowers said...

If you mean the pop singer, she's got a real Scottish name - probably can google it somewhere. I'm not supposed to be more explicit about the bird, interested parties will have to do a little research!

Äɩʆᴣᴈᶇ said...

OK. Just thought that if you didn't mention the location it would be fine.