Thursday, 26 March 2009

Not Quite a Duck Out of Water

Still looking Elegant Leaving the water
Less Elegance
Return Journey 20 mins later
Phew got past that 'orrible Grey Lag
Back in its natural habitat
Shoveler landing
Ruddy Duck
Blowing Bubbles
Mute Swan (Cob)

"Roll up, roll up, come & see the amazing performing Great Crested Grebe!" Probably the most remarkable sight of the day was the walking Great Crested Grebe. It performed once to the delight of the class, got bored with the pool it had gone to, and 20 minutes later decided to walk back again. Obviously, it preferred the uncomfortable shuffle across the isthmus (named as such by 2 different class members on 2 different sessions) to flying the short distance between the 2 areas of water! There were few passerines around in the strong winds, but we did see at least 13 Sand Martins & heard about 3 Chiffchaffs, and saw 2 Bullfinches in the morning. No booming Bitterns, or squealing Water Rails in the gale force winds, but high-pitched Redwings could be discerned above the moaning winds. That's enough about the weather!

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