Friday, 13 May 2011

Second Red-Necker Day

All pics (c) 2011 Vince Cowell unless stated otherwise

Red-necked Grebe's reaction to Great Crested Grebe, which came too close

Red-necked Grebe

Willow Warbler
Tiger Beetle
Dying Coot Chick (c) 2011 Margaret Richardson

4-Spotted Chaser (c) 2011 Margaret Richardson

4-Spotted Chaser

Brown Argus

Cinnabar Moth

Ducklings - a sop for the sentimentalists

This blog post was uploaded yesterday with a full text, but it disappeared down a black hole. However, it has been kindly rescued by 'Animal of the Day'. Internet Explorer won't let me copy & paste, but you may read the full text by pressing the comment bar below this text. So, thanks to Animal of the Day....

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animaloftheday said...

The text appears in my google reader. Here it is if you want to edit the post

"The star bird today was the Red-necked Grebe, which has been looking for a partner hopelessly for the past five years. Today its desperation seemed to reach a new level, as it started adding sticks to an already complete Coot's nest. The incumbent bird took exception to his assistance, and blew herself up to twice her normal size, but they didn't actually come to blows. Later, the Red-necked Grebe puffed himself up & started calling loudly when a Great Crested Grebe trespassed into what he saw as his territory. The Red-necked also appears to be building a nest of its own, but it's very unlikely he will find a female to complete his vision of a happy family life. In the morning we saw our first Cinnabar Moths of the year, plus what looked like a Brown Argus Butterfly. Other birds seen included a brief Hobby in the pm, and glimpses of Garden Warblers, a Tree Pipit, a really colourful Linnet, plus Willow Warblers, Whitethroats and Chiffchaffs. A Heron flew across the wasteland being mobbed by a crow in the afternoon, and there was an Oystercatcher on either side of the atrocious road on the return journey."