Saturday, 14 May 2011

June is Bursting Out All Over

Goldcrest Chaffinch
Whitethroat Orange-Tip [male underside]
Red Twin-spot Carpet Moth?

A Micro Moth - Agapeta hamana?

Early Purple Orchid

Ramsoms [Wild Garlic]

Ramsoms under Beech & Ash

False Oxlip?


Out in the countryside although it is only 13th of May, it is beginning to feel that we are already in June. Birdsong always quietens down noiceably towards the end of May, but this week birdsong is already dropping away markedly! Presumably this is a result of the relatively dry, warm conditions since early April. The breeding season even for recently-arrived birds is definitely in full-swing. Yesterday we spotted a Whitethroat with caterpillars in its bill, which seems way too early for nestlings, for a species which really began to arrive in force, only a fortnight ago. The Goldcrest was one of the later highlights for the am group. Each session watched both Song & Mistle Thrushes, but the latter were harder to see in the afternoon. Lapwins were displaying more prominently in the am, but were still visible after lunch. Rooks & Jackdaws were feeding in the same pasture, and a pair of Linnets dropped in briefly in the afternoon.

Despite the lack of obvious birds we did also see: Marsh Tit, Yellowhammer, Skylark, Red-legged Partridge and Swallow, but only heard Chiffchaff, Blackcap, Tawny Owl & Treecreeper.


Yashca said...

The first moth is, I think, Red Twin-Spot Carpet, and the second is a micro, Agapeta hamana

Michael Flowers said...

Thanks, very much Yascha