Thursday, 5 May 2011

Fly away Peter, Fly away...






Meadow Pipit

Wall Brown

Brown-Tail Moth Caterpillar

On Tuesday & Wednesday we visited two 100% guaranteed Cuckoo sites, and failed to have good sightings. Yesterday, we went to a venue where you don't expect to encounter Cuckoos, and both sessions had amazingly close views. This was a lifer for several people who had only ever heard them calling before. There was a strong easterly wind which kept some of the smaller birds down, but the morning group did have some good views of Whitethroats and a Chiffchaff. Both sessions were able to watch som nervous Whimbrel, but only the morning session saw a bedraggled Kestrel, which had probably just had a bath. A female Wheatear was on the flood embankment in the morning, but she couldn't be relocated in the afternoon. However, both classes were able to compare and contrast the song flights of Skylarks and Meadow Pipits. Our first wall Brown was seen in the afternoon, whilst Orange Tips were seen all day, as were the insidious caterpillars of the Brown-Tail Moth, which cause such irritations on the skin.

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