Thursday, 26 May 2011

Little [Fat] Brown Job

Corn Bunting

Treecreeper Fledgling

Marked pics (c) 2011 Vince Cowell

Little [fat] Brown Job

Jangling its Keys
Singing in the Rain
Not so pretty - with its bill open!
Roe Deer


This was our first visit to this location this year without accompanying gale force winds, and the birds were much better in consequence. Almost as soon as we started there were a pair of Yellow Wagtails in the paddock, and these were picked up again later in the car park, and finally in a field beyond the orchard. Whitethroats and Sedge Warblers were heard singing along the beck, and a few Brown Trout were also glimpsed. We hadn't gone very far when the distinctive key-jangling song of the Corn Bunting could be heard. Several Yellowhammers, Linnets, Goldfinches and Reed Buntings were seen, before the Corn Bunting could be located. It was tracked down eventually singing in a stunted Ash tree, and was the most confiding Corn Bunting I've ever seen, and gave excellent views for both sessions. In the woodland we found at least 4 baby Treecreepers with their parents, and it was under the cover of the trees that we found shelter from the morning shower, and the afternoon thunder & lightning storm. It's hard to credit, but a morning students thought the Corn Bunting was just as exciting as last week's Cuckoo & Turtle Dove, and when I put this to the afternoon group some of them agreed - we just need a few little LBJs every week, and all participants will be happy!

Other birds seen included a Great Spotted Wodpecker, a pair of Tufted Duck; and some of the morning group saw a Water Vole leap down from its ledge into the muddy ditch, and disappear. Although we found the first ever Grass Snakes at this location the other week, now an adult specimen was found. Unfortunately, it had been decapacitated, and was starting to rot when it was found. This location has at last picked up in interest after several below par visits. It's amazing what a drop in the wind speed will do.

2 Treecreeper fledglings



New Thurs pm class member! Followed us for whole 2.53 miles!

Large Skipper

Large Skipper caught mid-flight!


Pete said...

The moth looks like a Blood-vein to me.

Michael Flowers said...

Thanks Pete. 2 votes for a Blood-vein, which is good enouh for me!