Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Hatched & Despatched

Moorhen Chicks & Eggs


Dryad's Saddle

Otter Droppings?

Water Vole Droppings?

A return visit to last Tuesday's location to discover that our 2 Grass Snakes were the 1st sightings of these creatures at this venue. There was no sign of them today in the cloudier, cooler, wetter weather. Last week there were 8 Moorhen eggs, 3 of these had hatched by 9.10 this am, but no further eggs had hatched by 2.30pm! There were fewer song birds along the stream this morning, probably because of the strong winds, as well as the approach of June. We did see Whitethroat, Willow Warbler, Reed Buntings, Red-legged Partridge, Yellow Wagtail, Lapwing, and we heard Sedge Warbler, Blackcap and Great Spotted Woodpecker. Away from the birds we saw a few Brown Trout, and possible Otter & Water Vole droppings. Unfortunately, no one, including the tutor would handle the Otter droppings to confirm the ID. I saw a Water Vole before the sessions started, and Tony Robinson saw another during the am class, and he may have snatched a picture, which will be added to the blog if & when it comes through. The weather took a turn for the worse in the afternoon, and the session finished in record quick time.

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Bob Bushell said...

Brilliant photos.