Wednesday, 22 May 2013

November in May

On Tuesday we visited a site on the edge of a massive urban conurbation.  It felt more like March or November at first in the very strong northerly winds.  The heavily overcast conditions didn't help the wildlife photography.  However, there were a proliferation of Linnets, plus Whitethroats, Reed Buntings and the usual suspects.  The Reed Warblers, Sedge Warblers, and 2 Lesser Whitethroats were better hidden, although one of the latter did show during the course of the afternoon.
Male Linnet (c) 2013 John Sparham
 Linnet Tail-Spreading (c) 2013 Maggie Bruce
 Linnet (c) 2013 Maggie Bruce
 Female Bullfinch(c) 2013 Maggie Bruce
The am group crept down the drain bank, where Claude spotted the Kingfiusher, and everyone took it in turn to see it before it flew towards us.  It was high overhead at one point, spotted us & promptly returned to where it had started.  A few minutes later we saw it along a smaller drain, where it posed briefly before flying along half of the drain's course before it finally cut across into the main reserve.  it was never seen again.  The male Great Spotted Woodpecker which also dropped in when we were observing the kingfisher on the bank was another popular bird.  In the afternoon a female Roe Deer performed the same function   
Male Great Spotted Woodpecker (c) 2013 Maggie Bruce
 Roe Deer (c) 2013 John Sparham
 Record Shot of Kestrel (c) 2013 John Sparham
 Kestrel (c) 2013 Maggie Bruce
 Greenfinch (c) 2013 Maggie Bruce
 Red Campion (c) 2013 John Sparham
 Cornflower (c) 2013 John Sparham

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