Sunday, 5 May 2013

Bare-Pated Cheek

On Friday we had our final visit to our premier woodland, and although spring had definitely taken a better hold there were still some strange vacancies. We failed to hear a Garden Warbler, and there was no sign of a Cuckoo, and the Green Woodpecker could only be heard laughing in the distance. 

 Record Shot of Willow Warbler
 Robin - with its naked skull?
The afternoon groups had very good prolonged views of Marsh Tits, but we couldn't find these at all in the morning. At lunch time a Whitethroat was singing right next to our car park, but there was no sign on the edge of the woodland. The car park was surrounded by areas of water, and therefore was replete with insects, but there were probably much fewer in the woodland.
In the afternoon some participants were distressed to see a Robin feeding away, which appeared to display signs of its naked skull showing through its bare pate. 
Great Spotted Woodpecker
 Hoof Fungus - Corn Dolly or Samurai Warrior?
 Hoof Fungus - Waterfall
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Anonymous said...

I had a nice day at North Cliffe Wood yesterday but I failed to hear any Garden Warblers either (indeed I haven't seen or heard any yet). The Bluebells are coming along nicely now :-)