Friday, 10 May 2013

A Windy Mess

On Thursday we returned to last Wednesday's very popular location. You can read about that more detailed trip here

Jay [earlier this month at Whisby]
Next 14 photos (c) 2013 Richard Whateley

Unfortunately, it was extremely windy yesterday, which did have an effect on the wildlife seen. Chris managed to identify a Willow Warbler in the car park, and shortly afterwards we all saw a Whiethroat, while an unseen Garden Warbler serenaded us from nearby. Highlights included a pair of Willow Tits apparently taking nesting material to their nest hole. There were a great number of low-flying Swifts and hirundines over the main lake, mainly House and Sand Martins, but plenty of Swallows too. 2 Jays were observed flying along a line of trees, just above the reedbed. 

Redshank Pair Courtship
 Black-Headed Gull Congress
 House Martin
 Common Tern

There were quite a few Green-veined white butterflies flitting about despite the wind, and we observed our first dragonfly of the season: a 4-Spotted Chaser. Otherwise the wildlife seen was very similar to last week without the Hobby!  

Willow Warbler
 Green-veined White
The weather deteriorated further in the afternoon with the wind increasing, and a couple of sharp showers, but we still saw plenty of wildlife. As we were on the way back to the car park Sally asked what a hunched up hawk-like bird was perched in a bare bush. It looked like a bird of prey & just as I got my binoculars onto it, it flew off just above the ground to another bush. It was a Cuckoo. It had a strange greenish hue, and didn't call at all, so may have been a female bird. 
Willow Tit Nest Hole
 4-Spotted Chaser
 Bog Bean?
 Water Crow's Feet
 Evil Eyes

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