Wednesday, 8 May 2013

More Damp Sodium Chloride

Great Crested Grebes - similar to those on Tuesday 
(c) 2013 Maggie Bruce
On Tuesday we went on our 3rd visit this season to a new location.  There were more signs of spring with a Garden Warbler, which sang from the same Hawthorn as a Blackcap before disappearing over the railway line.  There were still no sight or sounds of the Willow Tits, but a distant Lesser Whitethroat at the very western edge, and there was a vocal Sparrowhawk throughout the morning and lunchtime.  The woodland had a Whitethroat right outside the entrance, which showed well for the am crowd, less so in the afternoon.

Elsewhere, it was a day of aquatic youngsters.  There were 6 cygnets from the aggressive Cobb, and his more relaxed Penn.  The Great Crested Grebes had 4 young balanced on their back, and there were at least 3 pairs of Coot, each with 2 young.  There were good views of a Treecreeper, but still no Willow Tit, but new signs of greenery bursting through all over.  There were a lot more butterflies with the usual Peacocks, but a large increase in the number of Orange-tips seen.  
Common Whitethroat
 Marsh Harrier - Ancient & Modern
 Female Pochard - unusual Reddish brown colouration
 Mute Swan
 Orange-tip [male]
Record shot of Orange-Tip [female]
The 2nd visit can be seen here

The 1st visit can be seen here 


RB said...

Willow Tits (and Marsh) should be incubating now, so will be quite tricky to find - females mostly on the nest and males keeping a fairly low profile.

Michael Flowers said...

Possibly, but locals haven't seen them recently, and they may check the nest boxes. Saw 2 Willow Tits without a problem today, going into a nest at another location. Looked as though they were still nest-building