Sunday, 26 May 2013

Blacktoft's Bittern

Last Sunday, relative newcomers Dave & Joan Hill went to Blacktoft, where they enjoyed the evening sunshine.  They had reached Townend hide when Joan spotted a Bittern perched on top of the reeds.  It remained there for over 5 minutes, and then set off flying east.  Looking at the photos carefully, you may be able to make out a bluish colour at the base of the bill, so it should be a male bird.  This was the first time either Dave or Joan had seen a Bittern, so for them it was a special event - it isn't a bird you see every day, even along the Humber estuary in May.
All Bittern photos (c) 2013 Dave Hill

 The Blue at the Base of the Bill Shows Best in the Photo Below

 Doing an Impression of a Shearwater

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