Sunday, 8 April 2012

Best of the Rest

Louise from Bubwith reports a Cuckoo calling today for the 2nd morning running. That makes the arrival date exactly the same as for 2011 & 2010!

During the course we will be going to a few locations where you may still find Cuckoos, and as well as hearing them we will spend time tracking them down, so everyone also sees one too

Unfortunately, numbers of Kingfishers have dropped after 3 winters with very cold snaps. However, we will make every effort to get decent views of these tiny, but stunning birds.

Yellow Wagtails are a local speciality of the Holderness area, and there are a couple of venues where we have every chance of watching them. They may not be as well-known as Kingfishers, but they are as colourful in their own way, and course participants will enjoy encountering this species.
Yellow Wagtail
Like all the species mentioned so far, Turtle Doves have been declining for several years, but there are a few places we can go to catch a view of this attractive summer visitor

Turtle Dove
Marsh Tits are resident birds, but they are also in decline. We will be visiting a couple of woodland sites where we can still encounter them. When we do so, we will look at the features, which distinguish them from their close relative...

Marsh Tit
...the Willow Tit. In fact there is at least one woodland venue, where they still exist almost side-by-side. The Willow Tit has probably declined even more steeply than the Marsh Tit, but hopefully we will see both of these perky species.

Willow Tit
The East Riding still holds decent populations of Yellowhammers, and we listen to their "A -Little-Bit-of-Bread-&-No-Cheese", but also see these stunning birds in their hedgerow haunts.

Another farmland bird of the hedgerows is the cheerful Linnet. Sometimes they can be very colourful, and we should get views like the one below of this popular songster.

Finally, on our trips to the seaside we will look for special birds, such as Little Terns.

If you would like to see most of the birds on this post, there are still spaces available on Tuesday & Friday afternoons!
Little Tern

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