Sunday, 15 April 2012

Roll Up, Roll Up for East Yorkshire's Wildlife!

During the wildlife walks which start on Tuesday, we won't just be identifying any birds we encounter. We will also be keeping a sharp lookout for any mammals. We will be going to locations where Otters are present. Although we are unlikely to see one in bright sunshine you will learn where it is possible to see them, and some tips on how to make a sighting more likely. The same applies to Badgers. A Red Deer is another possibility, but Roe Deer are much more likely. Other mammals we may see include: Water Vole, Fox, Stoat, Weasel, Hare and of course every week we'll probably see Rabbits!

Red Deer
Water Vole
One of the features of the Spring course are the number of colourful dragonflies & damselflies we may see. The Large Red Damselfly should be seen first towards the end of April , followed swiftly by the 4-Spotted Chaser, then over the following weeks we should get to see most of the other local species.
Banded Demoiselle
4-Spotted Chaser
Common Blue Damselflies
Ruddy Darter
Lime Hawk-Moth
We'll also be watching out for any reptile species each week. These range from Common Lizards, sunning themselves to Grass Snakes in aquatic habitats & Adders among bracken.

Common Lizard
Grass Snake
Finally, flowers are often overlooked, but we will spend time admiring the brightest and most colourful species, as well as some shrinking violets.

So, whatever aspect of nature you are interested in, you should find it catered for on the course. Come and embrace the natural world & enjoy an uplifting experience among like-minded individuals. At the time of writing there are still a few vacancies on Tuesday & Friday afternoons!
Bee Orchid
Cuckoo Pint


Christian said...

A wonderful series of variety. I especially enjoyed the two snakes and the Stoats shot is a corker.

Michael Flowers said...

Cheers, Christian