Monday, 23 April 2012

Whistling in the Dark

This morning 12 brave souls ventured into deepest darkest Lincolnshire in search of one of our most remarkable songsters. They were rewarded with hearing 6 singing males - one more than had been recorded by the reserve authorities. We saw at least 4 individuals including one foraging among the thick grass & one which briefly alighted on the path. It cocked it's tail like a giant Wren, and the rusty colouring could easily be observed, which wasn't so obvious when the bird was singing in dense foliage.

In the afternoon the Nightingales were much quieter and consequently more difficult to locate. However, after several false starts we watched one singing very close to the path for several minutes. This individual was then joined by a female bird, and they slipped away in the undergrowth together.

The am group were drenched after they saw all those Nightingales, but were also rewarded with a Jay which seemed loath to stir itself because it was trying to dry itself off. We walked through the woodland, which was pleasant, but we didn't see many interesting birds. There was no sign of any Whitethroats or Garden Warblers. A Brimstone butterfly brightened up the pm session, which escaped without any further rain until they had embarked on the long journey back.

Nightingale - at full throttle

Having a break from all that belting out

Singing an Aria

Coasting along

Foraging on the ground like a giant Robin

On the path


Jay (c) 2012 David Ware


Unfinished Chaffinch nest [found by JanG]


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