Monday, 16 April 2012

Easter Holiday Pics

The classes haven't been operating for 3 weeks because of the Easter break, but that hasn't stopped some of the students going out & photographing wildlife on their own.

The Mandarin mysteriously turned up on Walkington pond recently, but Margaret & Brian found it independently. The photos below the Mandarin were all taken at Tophill Low. the Black-necked Grebe was photographed at a distant location, which hasn't be revealed to me!

Black-necked Grebe (c) 2012 Tony Robinson
Mandarin (c) 2012 Margaret Richardson
All remainingh photos (c) 2012 Tony Robinson
Roe Deer [Buck]
Blackcap [male]
Barn Owl
Brown Hare
3 Hares -a - Leaping

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